Let's Meet at the Well Network

If you are in tune with yourself, in tune with the energies of the universe and all that is around, God can speak in a million ways and you won’t miss the message.

About Us

Established in 2019, Let’s Meet At The Well operates as a teaching, educating, speaking network for all ages, race, culture, and background. This network meets the needs of diverse everyday people in self-discovery and making meaningful connections for holistic life well-being and functioning. Established by Shona M. Dennis with her purposeful calling to bring Awareness, Awakening, and Accountability.


To reach the world and make a global impact that increases resiliency and strengthens living skills, functionality, while developing life skill practices.

In speaking there is the passion & desire to bring a living energy through words with the power and ability to create an experience in the listeners.

Recurso 1

Motivational Speaker

Recurso 2

Small Group Facilitator

Recurso 3

Seminars and Teaching

Recurso 4

Preaching Engagement

Our Mission

Reaching, teaching, educating, and speaking on a holistic level in an effort to impart knowledge sufficiently. Helping people understand the importance of engaging human life experiences and life narratives with holistic knowledge and the bible. 


  • Chaplain – WCICC (World Council of Independent Churches) Endorsed.
  • Behavior Educator for Addiction Recovery.
  • Ordained Elder – Family of Faith Worship Center.
  • US Army War Veteran.
  • Masters of Divinity (MDiv).
  • Published Author: God Is A Behaviorist (Amazon).